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A bit about me... I’m David Parsons - a freelance graphic designer, originally from the UK, now based in Berlin, with more than 13 years experience and with a passion for identity and branding, illustration and typography, book & poster design, print campaigns, type design and occasionally I like to dabble in website design. I strive to create innovative designs that are concept-driven, creative and unique. Please, feel free to take a look through my online portfolio, thanks

  • Defining your narrative,
    Preparation - Striking designs don't usually come out of nowhere. In order to establish a great visual language it is essential to begin the creative process with a clearly defined project brief. Doing so defines clear boundaries for both client and designer to align to.
    Realisation - From this, to brainstorming, analysis and research of what makes your business tick, as well as evaluating competitors, is vital in order to convey a visual narrative that resonates best with your target audience, this can be anything from a simple flyer to a more in-depth literature system.
  • ...developing a visual
    Print design - Through communication to define your direction, I strive to deliver slick, contemporary designs executed using a mix of traditional techniques (simple pen and paper, illustrations or photography) and industry standard software (Adobe Creative suite & Quarkxpress etc).
    Web development - Other than creating the visual design for websites, I recently diversified my skillset by learning to code. Utilising semantic HTML5/CSS3 & using Brackets and Emmet, I can write simple, yet stylishly considered and well structured front-end markup for smaller sites.
  • ...and release
    Pre-press - Your designs may be realised in a number of formats, making sure the process through to print goes effortlessly as possible and avoiding the myriad of potential problems is hopefully where I can step in to ease the pressure.
    Online - Ensuring your brand visual is as vivid online as it is in the flesh. Essentially, I aim to bring design the sensibilities of print to the web, embracing mobile first & responsive design principles. I do not claim to be a programmer per se but if you want a more holistic approach to your brand and online presence then we should probably work together.
Selected Works
See below for a selection of work I have undertaken for clients